Canvas testimonial: Lisa Lenze

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Testimonials | 0 comments

Lisa Lenze teaches in IST at University Park. Her first Canvas course had 50 students.

What are your favorite features in Canvas and why?

SPEEDGRADER! Web-based design (so easy to link to assignments and materials on different course pages). Calendar (which updates assignment due dates by simply sliding an assignment from one date to another). Syllabus (which includes all assignments that are on the calendar, without my having to re-type anything).

How do you feel using Canvas has enhanced your teaching or made your life easier?

SpeedGrader saves hours on grading — a great tool. Moving things around in Canvas is very easy. Last-minute changes to the course (e.g., a change in assignment due date) are easy to handle and easy to flag for students. Course prep from the first semester in Canvas to the second semester in Canvas was very easy. Updating materials: fast. Updating syllabus: a breeze (because Canvas estimates due dates for you from one semester to the next and creates the new schedule of assignment due dates). Least amount of time that I have put into getting ready for a semester.

(Faculty from across Penn State are sharing their impressions of Canvas and how the new Learning Management System is helping them in their courses. We will periodically post excerpts from their comments.)