Prepping final grades to pull from Canvas to LionPATH

May 2, 2018 | News

LionPATH pulls final grades from Canvas. For LionPATH to do this successfully, faculty must first create a Penn State compatible grading scheme in Canvas. Once this grading scheme has been enabled, the final grades can be pulled from Canvas to LionPATH through the LionPATH Faculty Center.

To verify final grades in Canvas, export the CSV file from the Gradebook in the Canvas course by clicking the Export button on the top right of the Gradebook and selecting CSV File. The CSV file that is exported can be opened in Microsoft Excel. The last two columns of the CSV file are titled “Current Grade” and “Final Grade.” The grades listed in the “Final Grade” column are the verified final grades for the course that LionPATH pulls from Canvas.

Step-by-step instructions on pulling grades from Canvas to LionPATH. 

In addition to verifying grades, faculty must enter zero for any unsubmitted assignments and unmute any muted assignments. These three steps are key to finalizing grades before submitting to LionPATH. Step-by-step instructions on pulling grades from Canvas to LionPATH. Please contact with questions. For World Campus courses, visit the following site for contact information: