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Technical integrations required for transition to Canvas

Various technical integrations are required for Canvas to seamlessly support Penn State teaching, learning and administrative needs. The integrations are prioritized into three tiers, which ensures that project resources are applied to deliver critical tools that support an efficient transition to Canvas from ANGEL.

Tier 1 includes priorities necessary to move out of ANGEL and into Canvas. There are 19 technical integrations in Tier 1. All 19 are now completed.

Tier 2 includes features and capabilities available in ANGEL that are also desired for use in Canvas. There are 20 technical integrations in Tier 2. Thirteen are completed.

Tier 3 has yet to be evaluated.

Penn State Outreach has 10 technical integrations that need to be completed to successfully move World Campus courses out of ANGEL into Canvas. Seven are completed.

(This page will be updated as integrations are completed)

Tier 1 in more detail

ANGEL Groups Replacement COMPLETED
Provides functionality in Canvas that parallels ANGEL Groups functionality.

Learning Tools — Identify Expired Tools COMPLETED
Provides process to identify and manage expired or non-authorized learning integrations.

Learning Tools – Request and Review COMPLETED
Provides automated process to request, vet, approve and implement third-party learning tools.

Learning Tools — Deployment at Scale: Mine and Relink Tool COMPLETED
Tracks learning tools in master courses to ensure they carry forward correctly when new courses are copied from the master courses; eliminates having to configure and verify the learning tools such as in each subsequent course copy.

Enterprise Area Admin Management COMPLETED
Provides a tool to create and assign individuals in designated college/campus Canvas Area Admin roles with permissions to enroll instructional designers in Canvas courses.

Secure Testing Scheduling and Delivery at Scale COMPLETED
Allows faculty to schedule and administer Canvas exams in the Pollock Testing Center.

Accessing and Integrating with Canvas Data (Phase 2) COMPLETED
Provides broader integration capabilities, e.g., filtering published courses in Canvas via the Penn State Course Search tool or providing Canvas usage and adoption metrics.

Targeted ANGEL Migration Tool COMPLETED
Provides ability to copy existing ANGEL courses (minus student content) for pre-migration cleanup and eventual migration into Canvas.

Learning Tools — Deployment at Scale COMPLETED
Provides tools to configure and implement third-party learning tools throughout the university, e.g., VoiceThread and Turnitin.

LionPATH Grade Exchange Integration COMPLETED
Provides a method for faculty to retrieve, review and post final grades to LionPATH from Canvas, starting fall 2016.

Accessing and Integrating with Canvas Data COMPLETED
Provides daily, automated retrieval and processing functionality of Canvas Data, a subset of information in the Penn State Canvas database, to support integrations, e.g., identifying learning tools used in multiple courses so they can be managed as a single enterprise tool.

Middleware API with Canvas — SIS Data COMPLETED
Provides functionality to retrieve and combine data from Canvas and LionPATH, e.g., merged course enrollments, which are needed for other integration efforts.

PSU Tool to Filter / Find Courses COMPLETED
Provides an advanced searching and filtering tool for administrators and support staff to find courses based on LionPATH information, assigned faculty and other advanced search criteria.

PSU Tool to Filter / Find Users COMPLETED
Provides a tool for administrators and support staff to search for Canvas users and identify explicit user access account information.

Canvas Login Page Redesign COMPLETED
Incorporates new branding.

Canvas API Proxy Server Audit and Support Tools COMPLETED
Provides secure method to audit and manage approved system integrations that interact with Canvas.

LionPATH Enrollments Integration – Student Information System (SIS) COMPLETED
Allows LionPATH to populate courses, accounts and enrollments within Canvas, starting fall 2016.

Canvas Application Program Interface (API) Proxy Server COMPLETED
Provides secure method to integrate approved systems with Canvas; e.g., World Campus needs this in order to use its course roster and content management tools.

Manually Created Courses COMPLETED
Provides a tool to request and create Canvas courses not populated via LionPATH.

Tier 2 in more detail

Alternative Authorization and Notification
Provides administrative tools to communicate Canvas login status and authentication issues.

Student Rating of Teaching Effectiveness (SRTE) Portal and Notification
Provides process to complete SRTE notification for faculty and students via Canvas.

Curriculum Development Portal and Notifications
Provides curriculum consultation and approval notification via Canvas.

Course Substitutions Portal and Notifications
Provides course substitution review and approval notification via Canvas.

Enterprise Area Admin Management Audit and Support
Provides support tools to audit and manage Area Admin accounts.

Scanning Scores Retrieval Tool
Provides integration to automate the importing of scanning scores to the Canvas Gradebook.

Group Synchronization for Cross-listed and Merged Courses
Provides a tool for faculty to automatically create individual groups (i.e., teams) for each course section within a merged course. Enrollment changes in the source section of the merge will automatically synchronize in the relevant group within the merge.

College Content Management System LTI Integrations COMPLETED
Provides a tool to integrate content management systems (e.g., Drupal) with Canvas.

Provides robust discussion board via LTI integration within Canvas courses.

Vendor LTI and API Proxy Token and Course Filtering COMPLETED
Transparently and securely provide vendors and IT partners access to previously authorized Canvas APIs.

Provides integration with this writing assessment toolkit, which allows instructors to provide feedback and to detect plagiarism.

Implement FERPA Policy in Merges COMPLETED
Permit merges of Digital Learning Cooperative, World Campus Collaborative, and cross-listed courses in accordance with FERPA guidelines.

Student Activity Report COMPLETED
Provides a tool for the IT Service Desk to identify student activity in Canvas to support date of last activity reporting for student aid requirements.

Course Change Node COMPLETED
Provides support tools to reassign Manually Created Courses to the correct administrative/academic area within Canvas.

Create and Rename Node COMPLETED
Provides tools to manage the administrative/academic areas for courses and other information within Canvas. COMPLETED
Provides functionality for online tutoring tool to work within Canvas for World Campus courses.

ANGEL Courses Link in Canvas COMPLETED
Provides a Canvas interface to display and access (redirect to) active ANGEL courses.

Learning Tool Integration Custom Proxy Parameters COMPLETED
Expands LMS integration options by leveraging parameters (e.g., course abbreviation and course number) not supported by Canvas.

Springshare Library Subject Guides and Reserved Readings COMPLETED
Provides a method to link Library Guides and Reserved Readings in Canvas courses.

Provides integration between Canvas and VoiceThread, a web-based application for asynchronous conversation around collections of media.

Penn State Outreach technical integrations

Early Warning Report
Provides capability for World Campus Academic Advising to generate a report of students who have not been active in Canvas.

Evolution Content Management LTI
Recreates existing file manager tool that retains the order of course components when copied from one course space to another. Allows for framing Evolution content into the Canvas environment, utilizing the built-in Canvas data for roles and permissions.

Allows equations to be shown consistently across browsers and screen readers.

Integrates YouSeeU platform for recordable, synchronous meetings within Canvas.

Bulk Enrollment for Manually Created Courses COMPLETED
Provides functionality to enroll users in bulk into manually created courses in Canvas.

Copy Group Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) COMPLETED
Copies group structure from one Canvas course into others.

Automate Adding Designers as Course Admins COMPLETED
Provides a tool to auto-assign World Campus instructional designers into the appropriate Canvas RDC 1 courses (courses designed and developed by World Campus Learning Design).

Automate Merge Process for World Campus COMPLETED
Backend automation to merge course sections into a single section in Learning Design applications to match Canvas courses that have been merged.

Middleware API Connection Rework (Scripts and testing) COMPLETED
Updates system and application connections to work with Canvas.

Peer Evaluation Application Program Interface (API) COMPLETED
Provides access to custom peer evaluation tool within the content management system for World Campus courses.


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