Request an Enhancement or Third-Party Learning Tool

by | Dec 7, 2016 |

Faculty and staff may begin submitting information on third-party learning tools they are interested in using in Canvas.

All submissions will be reviewed, vetted and prioritized by the LMS Academic Transition Steering Committee and the Canvas Project Team.

To access the interest form, visit Canvas Third-Party Learning Tool Interest Form.

Currently, the project team is dedicated to completing the integrations in Tier 1, which are required to move out of ANGEL and into Canvas; Tier 2, which are features and capabilities available in ANGEL that are also desired for use in Canvas; and Outreach integrations, which are required to successfully move World Campus courses out of ANGEL into Canvas. Find the list of integrations and their status at Current and Upcoming Integrations.

Learning tools selected for implementation will be part of Tier 3 integrations, which will be addressed in 2017 as the transition from ANGEL to Canvas comes to an end. Faculty and staff will need to provide information including the name of the tool; whether it is listed in the Edu App Center,, a collection of tools known to work in Canvas; the course(s) in which it would be used; and an explanation of how it would positively impact the teaching and learning process.



Keywords: LTI, third party, 3rd party, enhancement, integration