Student Orientation Module

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Tips/How-to, Training | 0 comments

Introduce Your Students to Canvas

ITS Training Services has created a Student Orientation Module titled “Canvas Student Orientation (Penn State)” that is available to all faculty at Penn State as an option for introducing students to Canvas. There are two ways to give your students access to the orientation module:


Import the student orientation module directly into any Canvas course from Canvas Commons. This option gives you the ability to customize the module to suit your needs. Instructions for importing the module are below. If you have any trouble locating the module in Commons, you can also find a downloadable zip file of the module on page 1b in the Canvas Learning Center. You can also learn more about using Canvas Commons here.

  1. From your Canvas Dashboard, find the module by clicking the Commons button in your global navigation menu and searching for: “Canvas Student Orientation (Penn State).”
  2. Select the option to import the module into any of your Canvas courses
  3. Go to the Modules tab in your course to customize the module to suit your specific needs.


The second option is to give your students the direct link to the student module, which is also available as an open course in Canvas. Please note that students will need to be logged in to access the course at the following link: