Microsoft Office 365 learning tool coming soon to Canvas

Oct 9, 2018 | Features and Integrations, News

The Microsoft Office 365 learning tool will be available within Canvas beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Learn how to turn on a learning tool within Canvas.

Below are several beneficial features for instructors and students:

File Access 
Instructors and students can access their OneDrive files directly from a course.

Assignment submission
Students can submit assignments directly from their OneDrive which instructors can grade in SpeedGrader.

Cloud Assignments
Instructors can upload a file (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) which students can edit directly without downloading and submitting directly from their Office 365 app. Once students are completed with the cloud assignment, instructors can grade the submissions in SpeedGrader.

Inline file linking from the Rich Content editor
In the Rich Content Editor, faculty can link directly to any file within OneDrive through the Office 365 icon. Instructors and students can view the icon anywhere they can access the Rich Content Editor.

screenshot of Rich Content Editor

Instructors can use this feature to host files that won’t count toward the course file limit.

Instructors can create collaborations with Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents. Selected students or groups can simultaneously edit and view a file, and changes save automatically.

For more information about the Office 365 learning tool, see Office 365: FAQs—Canvas Learning Tool.