LoudCloud courseware now available in Canvas

Feb 6, 2019 | Features and Integrations, News

Easily customizable, LoudCloud Courseware from Barnes & Noble Education is another Open Education Resource solution now available for Penn State faculty to take advantage of when deciding on course materials at the start of the semester. Once a LoudCloud Courseware course is adopted, it can easily be integrated with Canvas courses, giving students seamless access to all the content and enhanced features.

LoudCloud Courseware uses a combination of curated OER and original content to provide interactive e-text, auto-graded assignments, discussions, activities, and a full range of instructional materials to support every learner.

Using predictive analytics, the LoudCloud platform provides integrated insights, enabling both students and instructors to monitor performance and improve learning outcomes.

Penn State faculty can contact the LoudCloud team at courseware@bnedloudcloud.com for information on how to adopt LoudCloud courseware for courses.

For more about this service and a full list of courses, visit the LoudCloud Courseware website.