Coming soon in summer 2019! A new Gradebook in Canvas

Feb 7, 2019 | Features and Integrations, News

Coming soon in summer 2019! A new Gradebook in Canvas

An upgrade to the Canvas gradebook is scheduled for summer 2019. Register to attend this year’s Canvas Day on March 15 for a session on the new Gradebook presented by Matt Goodwin, director of product at Instructure.

The new Gradebook will have added and enhanced functionalities to improve the user experience.

Instructors will see improvements made to grading and gradebook storage as well as advanced sorting capabilities. In addition, new icons and verbiage will help instructors better understand their gradebook features.

The Grade Detail Tray tool will make it easier to view and enter grades, check submission status and comments, both by individual assignments and by student. It is also where instructors can access Speedgrader for an assignment or to view the individual grade page for a student.

In the new Gradebook, instructors can automatically apply a zero grade to missing assignments, apply late policies that deduct a specific percentage for each day of late submissions, and enter grades for an assignment in points or as a percentage.

More options have been added to allow for improved column arrangement and filtering as well as the ability to sort alphabetically by first or last name.

Stay tuned for more information about the new Gradebook and its integration in Canvas.