Canvas: July 18, 2020 Feature Release Highlights 

Jul 13, 2020 | Features and Integrations, News, Release Notes

Several Canvas features and changes will occur on July 18, 2020. Check out the highlights below for more information:   

  • Direct Share
    Instructors can copy individual course items and share those course materials directly with another instructor 
  • Rubrics in Course Navigations
    To allow course rubrics to be accessed more quickly, the Manage Rubrics button has moved from the course-level Outcomes page to the Course Navigation Menu. 
  • Assignment Bulk Editing (replaces Due Date Changer) 
    On July 18, 2020, Due Date Changer will no longer be available. Assignment Bulk Editing will allow instructors to update due dates and availability dates for multiple assignments at one time in a course 

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