Course Conversion Assistance Request

Conversion Assistance Request

Faculty with complex courses in ANGEL may have difficulty when it comes to migrating and converting them to Canvas.

The TLT Canvas Instructional Support Team can assist with that challenge through the Conversion Assistance Request form, also known as the CAR form. The team is offering first-come, first-served assistance.

Steps in the process

To receive help via the CAR form:

  • Faculty will submit a CAR form at
  • An instructional consultant will contact the faculty member for any additional information required when his or her request is next in line in the queue.
  • The consultant will analyze the ANGEL course and begin working on migrating and converting the course, if it is a simple conversion. If the course is more complex, the consultant may reach out before beginning the work. The consultant may not complete all of the conversion, but will have the process well in hand before contacting the faculty member to review progress and sign off on the work.

Additionally, the consultant may recommend resources to help in areas within a course that could use improvements.

The earlier a CAR form is submitted, the sooner faculty can get the assistance they seek to move into Canvas.