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Penn State is currently transitioning to Canvas, our new online system for teaching and learning! No courses will be delivered in ANGEL after summer 2017 semester.

Canvas for Mobile:Download Structure from iTunesDownload Structure from Google Play

Canvas release notes for May 13, 2017

The Canvas at Penn State team and Instructure are committed to continually enhancing the Canvas user experience. Every three weeks, we will post Canvas release notes. These include production notes on features and updates. While most are automatically implemented,...

Website offers options for revamping courses in Canvas

Faculty who are looking to make changes to their courses before fall may draw some inspiration from research-based pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. The Pedagogical Approaches for Teaching and Learning With Canvas website offers information on 19...

Hyperlinks in Canvas pages create intuitive course navigation

By Mary Ann Mengel One of the features I’ve grown to appreciate about Canvas is how easy it is to design and share instructional content on Canvas content pages. When comparing a page to a file as a method to share course content, I’ve found that the ease with which...

transition timeline


help & support

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A variety of support resources are available from Penn State sources and from Instructure, the company that developed Canvas.

get help

To report a problem or ask a question, contact the Canvas hotline at 1-877-226-4449 or select any of the other help options below.

How to Submit a Ticket

In Canvas -> Help -> Report a Problem


Live Chat

Chat with Canvas Support

find answers

Canvas Guides

Instructure’s online documentation

Knowledge Base

Penn State’s IT Knowledge Base

join the conversation


Penn State’s Yammer Group

Canvas Community

Instructure’s Canvas Community



Click on each block below for live training registration & self-paced training options offered by IT Training Services, or view upcoming campus/college training events.

Canvas Learning Center

Learn how to get the most out of Canvas at Penn State. This comprehensive, self-paced course includes videos, tutorials, learning activities, example courses, and more, all available 24/7.

switch to canvas

A. Learn how to Build a Course from Scratch in Canvas

Starting fresh is almost always more efficient, and it will enable you to build a more organized, feature-rich course.

B. Learn how to Migrate a Course from ANGEL to Canvas

Recommended if you only store files in your ANGEL course now, if you heavily utilize ANGEL quizzes, and if you are not interested in utilizing many Canvas features.

local contacts

Canvas Liaisons

Contact the local transition representative for your college or campus.

one-on-one transition help

Virtual Office Hours

30-minute consultations with an instructional designer.
Morning and afternoon appointments are available.

Technology Learning Assistants

One-on-one virtual or in-person assistance provided by Penn State student consultants on assignments, quizzes, gradebook, and other Canvas course components.

Course Conversion Assistance Request

TLT Canvas Instructional Support can assist with course conversion for very complex ANGEL courses.

integrations and enhancements

Current and Upcoming Integrations

Information about Canvas integrations with 3rd party tools (e.g. VoiceThread)

Request an Enhancement or Third-Party Tool

Faculty and staff can request third-party learning tool integrations or other enhancements to Canvas.